embee photography


First of all I would like to thank you for exploring the Embee Photography website. Well I’m Matt, a wedding photographer from up North, I like to think I’m easy going, big chatterbox of nothing important, and have a passion for real ales and capturing memories. I have a great deal of interests, but some subjects like Animation and Illustrative designs are ones I am very keen on. Animation heroes would be Disneys ‘Milt Khal’ and the great fantasy storyteller Adam Philips, top notch artists! Another corner of creativity I look at is the never-ending talent over on Behance, where some the best artists showcase.

What I watch: Flight of the Concords, Game Of Thrones, The Mighty Boosh, Die Hard(the real christmas film), Swiss Army Man, Starwars.

Sounds of Music: The Strokes, Bloc Party, Green Day, Blink, Jamie T, Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup


So you wanted to find out a little more about me. It’s hard to start really as my creative background is varied to how I actually found the path to becoming a wedding photographer and setting up embee Photography. I suppose my initial interest into photography was from being little, my Dad used to have his own dark room which I was very intrigued by.
Too young to understand cameras and Photography back then but I often remember my dad hard at work in his dark room with the dim red safe light, I could be there for an age watching him develop and join him in multiple trips back and forth to Wicks to restock on chemicals and paper. To my Dad his passion for a great shot was only for himself, but back then I got a glimpse of what a real enthusiast committed too in order to get perfect work.

I explored my own creativity through an early age in drawing, for a long time drawing was probably my best hobby. Naturally progressing with this talent and getting myself through school and college where I studied art & design, I then went on to university to study Animation. It was from this point that I learnt more about digital media and this was the kindling in my life for me to progress to a multimedia designer and photographer.


When ever I’m not doing wedding photography, I’m always on the go with something else. I freelance for three companies within Wigan, where I manage websites, graphic design, commercial photography, videography and 3D design. I’m a bit of jack of all trades when it comes to being creative and can put my hands to almost anything. Some of my proudest work has come from creating designs for Wigan’s biggest brewery, ‘The Wily Fox‘. My natural talent for drawing and design work comes flooding out whenever they have a new beer release, which is very regular!