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Emilie May Photography

Hey I’m Matt.

EMBEE, That’s me

Photographer extraordinaire and master shutter presser. So I heard you’re looking for an alternative wedding photographer? Well, you’re in the right place. It’s time to break away from traditional photos and jump into the modern way of capturing memories.

I like to let the wedding day play out as naturally as possible without too much direction from me, but that being said, I’m a massive fan of wedding day bants! I don’t take myself too seriously and will chat and have a laugh with your guests, I can’t promise I won’t do a shot with the bridesmaids or kiss your dad on the cheek whilst swiping a canape or two.

More About me

– My favorite thing is my little girl, Betsy –

– Dress like I own a skateboard –

– Tattoos rock, but I don’t have any –

– Lover of Street Photography –

– Part-time illustrator & designer –

– Finger food rules –

– 90’s movies are the best –

– Craft ale drinker –