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The documentary style approach, fly on the wall, sneaking around to be unobtrusive are very well heard terms in wedding photography, but it isn’t me. I love to get up close and personal with everybody and capture the natural progression of the day as well as shooting from afar. It’s quite hard to pin point to which style I tend to offer in my approach, but I guess I would call it artistic and creative with documentary. My aim is to capture any angle given to me whether it would be ducking down between peoples legs or standing on chair, just so I can photograph an unusual perspective of you and your guests.

Natural light is my best friend, I tend not to use flash through out the day until the evening time when the dark of night creeps in. My approach without flash enables me to go unnoticed and take natural photographs with a real film look.

So you don’t like posing, who does! My approach for taking your photo’s doesn’t require you to have modal experience, I like to keep it simple, fun and creative.


groom crying and using a napkin to wipe tears away


Smoke bomb at Holmes Mill Wedding Photography