How’s about getting married in Blackpool Tower? That’s exactly what Anna & Sean did. I was thrilled when Anna & Sean got in touch to book me for their wedding day, especially as it was at the sensationally stylish Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Blackpool itself holds a nostalgic value to me as I loved coming here as a kid but I’ve been up the tower before, so it was great to go up to the top of the tower and use it for couples portraits.

The Ballroom is such an extravagant room filled with 1800’s Victorian architecture, it’s such a wonderful sight, seeing a room so colossal filled with intricate design features. The perfect space for large weddings.


One of my favorite aspects of Sean & Anna’s wedding day was the Wurlitzer inside the ballroom, it was so nice to see guests enjoying their day whilst the organ was being played in the background, such a unique feature for a wedding day. Also hearing Star Trek, The Next Generation theme tune being played on it as Anna walked down the aisle was magnificent. In the latter stages of the time we spent in the ballroom, before we continued to the Imperial Hotel, Anna & Sean performed their first dance whilst the organist played their song and encouraged the wedding guests to join them in ballroom-style dancing.

bride and groom leaving blackpool tower and have confetti thrown on


What is Blackpool without going on the iconic traditional tram? As far as wedding transport goes, this is up there with the best. A traditional journey to go from the Tower to the wedding breakfast. All the guests boarded the tram right after the confetti shot on the comedy carpet and proceeded to the Imperial Hotel where a second drinks reception & oysters were being served. This is where Anna & Sean would spend the rest of their night at this popular hotel for the Blackpool area.

guests getting aboard the classic tram at blackpool


Right after the speeches had finished, the evening was ready to kick off with some awesome dance moves, right after the cutting of the cake of course. Anna & Sean hired the Dead Beats, a really cool wedding band that played top tunes to ensure the dancefloor was always busy with some dodgy dance moves. In all, this was a top day filled with amazing documentary moments that I captured in my particular style. Roll on the next wedding I get to shoot here as I enjoyed myself at this wedding.

bunch of lads huddled together dancing to the wedding band


Thanks for taking a look at this blog for my wedding photography at Blackpool Tower. Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think! I hope you enjoy looking through the images below and if you are feeling inspired by how cool this wedding was and if you are in need of a photographer, then please get in touch.

Also don’t forget to check out the other wedding suppliers Anna & Sean hired, to make their day super ace:


If you are looking for your Blackpool Tower & Ballroom Wedding Photographer, then look no further. Get in touch if you would like me to photograph your wedding at this historic Lancashire wedding venue. 5 Reasons to book me for your wedding at Blackpool Tower & Ballroom:

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  3. Expertise in Lighting: Blackpool Tower & Ballroom scenic location likely offers plenty of opportunities for natural & creative light photography. As an experienced wedding photographer, you understand how to work with different lighting conditions, ensuring that every shot is well-exposed and emphasizes the venue’s classic beauty.
  4. Unobtrusive and Candid Approach: Couples often seek a photographer who can capture the genuine emotions and candid moments throughout their special day. Your unobtrusive style allows you to blend seamlessly into the background, creating a comfortable environment for couples and guests to act naturally, resulting in authentic images.
  5. Passion for Storytelling: Your passion for storytelling is evident in your work. By observing and capturing the moments that unfold at Blackpool Tower & Ballroom, you craft a narrative through your photographs that beautifully encapsulates the essence of the couple’s love and the joy of the occasion. These images become cherished memories that couples will treasure for a lifetime.

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