Being a Cheshire wedding photographer means I get out to discover more of this beautiful historic County that I never knew existed. Photographing weddings for over eight years now means I have come across lots of unique wedding venues and all of them have their own characteristics and feel. There a few favourite wedding venues of mine in Cheshire, such as Pryors Hayes and Sandhole Oak Barn. These two are brilliant venues, especially in the summer time as guests have a lot of outdoor space to relax and get merry in. I particulraly like weddings in the summer when the evening late is late and the guests are enjoying the sun as I can capture really cool and enjoyable moments. There are a few wedding venues that I haven’t shot at in Cheshire before, Colshaw Hall & Styal Lodge are two I’m very keen to attend one day.

Cheshire is full of rural villages across its gorgeous landscape. Sandwiched between the big cities of Manchester & Liverpool, makes it an ideal location to escape to for a barn type wedding. Wooden styled barn venues are very popular in Cheshire as they fit the part to coincide with the landscape of endless fields.


Below are some of my favourite wedding photos I have taken over the years, documenting my bride and groom’s most memorable days in and around Cheshire. Please feel free to have a scroll and see if you notice anywhere and if you are looking for a photographer to capture your wedding then please feel free to get in touch. Take a look at my extensive portfolio for more weddings images including some featured wedding venues.


Cheshire hosts a number of different wedding venues so picking the right place for you is going to be such an adventure. The range of venues are a plenty around this scenic county, mostly barns but there are a few little quirky ones around such as the Belle Époque and Oddfellows. Cheshire has an incredible amount of Roman heritage especially in Chester, so if you’re not going to a wedding, then sight seeing is a perfect excuse. Chester is great place to go and visit anyway, my wife and I often make little trips happen to this city as we both like to try real ales and Chester has lots of little pubs!


If you are heading out with a camera around Cheshire, then chances are you are going to come across some history in some form. Going back to the turn of the century, this county played a big role in the industrial revolution providing agriculture, salt, chemicals and best of all cheese. Cheshire cheese is one of the counties most renowned produces which is also the first documented cheese to be mentioned in British history since 1580. The historic architecture around this county make for a non stop site seeing adventure with examples such as Quarry Bank Mill and the long line timber-framed arcade of medieval shops known as ‘The Row’ in Chester.

Delamere Forest is also a great place to go and visit. I often like to take a trip to a pine forest in the height of summer and Delamere is very big so you can make a day of it walking around is vastness.

delamere forest full of pine trees


If you are looking for a Cheshire wedding photographer to capture your amazing wedding day then I would love to hear from you. If you are getting married further a field but you still like my style then I still would love to know your wedding plans, so hit my contact page and enter your details.


Below are three full weddings to show you my photography style and exactly how I work.

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