Helen & Mike celebrated their wedding day at Coniston Coppermines,  a historic wedding venue set on a mountainside in the lake district. This is truly a unique venue in which to have your wedding with stunning views of Coniston Fells above and Coniston Water in the valley below and hillside backdrops for picturesque portraits. There aren’t many wedding venues in the UK quite like this one, lots of open ground and two separate spaces in which to get married and celebrate, The Copper Barn & Tipi.

The history of the Coppermines goes back to the 18th century and played a vital part in the industrial revolution, supplying copper from deep inside the valley of Old Man of Coniston. Fragments of history are dotted about the venue and create an excellent talking point for you and your guests.

There are plenty of little locations for photos around here too, the stream, the waterwheel, or a quick walk up the mountain, which ever way you turn, there are plenty of unique views so no weddings will ever look the same.

cooniston coppermines wedding photography. Bride and groom hugging atfer getting married in the barn.


So A bride and groom first look was a first for me, I’ve never done one before. I hung around with Helen and the bridesmaids in the morning until it was ready to go and meet Mike down by the lake, Coniston water to be exact. The first look took place on the wooden pier that went out into the lake, Mike was already waiting for Helen before we arrived. A bottle of champagne was cracked open to celebrate the occasion. There were a few reasons why Helen & Mike chose The Coniston Coppermines Wedding venue for their wedding, One, they love the outdoors and climbing mountains, two, it holds some awesome sentimental memories for Mike and his family who have always holidayed by the lake. They holidayed right by the pier where the first look took place, so it has now become an even more iconic landmark for them.

bride and groom walking down a pier towards lake coniston


One thing I took away from this wedding is how close the families and friends of Helen & Mike are. It’s really nice to see a large group of people come together to celebrate, which leads me to how awesome Mike’s grandad is. Mike has a background in music and for his wedding, and with the help of his friends, he got the band back together for a reunion like no other. It seems Mike’s grandad has quite the musical talent as well. The greatest dance floor scenes were watching his Grandad rock out a trumpet and sing ‘Shake, rattle & Roll’ and everyone dancing around. Immense times.

mikes grandad playing the trumpet and being part of the wedding band at the night of the wedding.


Thanks for taking a look at this blog for my wedding photography at Coniston Coppermines. Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think! I hope you enjoy looking through the images below and if you are feeling inspired by how cool this wedding was and if you need a photographer, then please get in touch.

Venue: Coniston Copper Mines
Photographer: Embee Photography


If you are looking for your Coniston Coppermines Wedding Photographer, then look no further. Get in touch if you would like me to photograph your wedding at this historic industrial Lake District Wedding Venue.

5 Reasons to book your wedding at the Coppermines:

  1. Scenic location: Coniston Coppermines is located in the heart of the Lake District, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The venue offers panoramic views of the fells and countryside, providing a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos.
  2. Unique and historic venue: The Coniston Coppermines are a series of historic copper mines that date back to the 16th century. The venue offers a unique and memorable setting for your wedding, with its historic buildings and rustic charm.
  3. Indoor and outdoor ceremony options: The venue offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options, allowing you to choose the setting that best suits your preferences and the size of your wedding party.
  4. Accommodation options: Coniston Coppermines offers a variety of accommodation options for you and your guests, from self-catering cottages to luxury lodges. This makes it easy to plan your wedding and accommodation in one convenient location.
  5. Experienced event team: The Coniston Coppermines has an experienced event team who can help you plan and coordinate every aspect of your wedding, from catering to decor to entertainment. They can work with you to create a bespoke package tailored to your needs and preferences.

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