A Modern Space for Weddings in Manchester’s, Northern Quarter

Ducie Street is the ultimate alternative space for hosting weddings. With a distinctly industrial feel and a modern look, it’s one of the best wedding venues in Manchester City for small-capacity celebrations. I was totally in my element doing a spot of wedding photography at this highly diverse wedding venue.

A Wedding in Room 2

With several offerings of types of rooms available for weddings at this venue, Room 2 is the largest and can hold a larger capacity. You also have access to the library breakout room and terrace to maintain a level of privacy at this public venue. Paula & Neil and did just that for their wedding. After spending my morning in the apartment with the girls for bridal prep, I headed downstairs to join Neil and the guests in Room 2. A timber aesthetic wall, paired with natural light makes this an ideal room to get married in.

ducie street warehouse wedding photography, paula & neil. Bride and groom kiss in the ceremony

Creative portraits at a city wedding venue

For those who want the space for small or micro weddings, the Ducie Street Warehouse is ideal. If you are also after some really cool spots for portraits then this venue is right up your street. With the city streets on your doorstep, your choices in backgrounds for your portraits are vast. Paula & Neil wanted to use the hotel atrium for their contemporary portraits. The atrium in the hotel section of the venue is an extremely large space and makes for very unique photographs. Constructed with large sections of steel, and an abundance of light pouring in from above, creates an incredible area to take creative wedding images in.

black and white image of the bride and groom on the middle floor in the atrium in ducie street.


Thanks for taking a look at this blog for my wedding photography at Ducie Street Warehouse Wedding Venue in Manchester. Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think! I hope you enjoy looking through the images below and if you are feeling inspired by how cool this wedding was and if you need a photographer, then please get in touch.

Also don’t forget to check out the other wedding suppliers Paula & Neil hired, to make their day super ace:

Venue: Ducie Street Warehouse
Makeup: Bride To Be By Jess & Simonas Luxury Make up
Photography: Embee Photography


If you are looking for your Wedding Photographer, then look no further. Get in touch if you would like me to photograph your wedding at this alternative city wedding venue. 5 Reasons to Book Me for your wedding at Ducie Street Warehouse wedding:

    1. Familiarity with the Venue: Highlight your experience and familiarity with Ducie Street and Manchester. Couples will appreciate a photographer who knows the best locations, lighting conditions, and unique features of the venue. Your knowledge can help ensure that you capture stunning and memorable moments throughout the day.
    2. Creative Vision: Showcase your unique and creative approach to wedding photography. Couples want their wedding photos to stand out and reflect their individuality. Describe how you can bring a fresh perspective to Ducie Street, capturing not only traditional shots but also creatively composed images that tell a compelling story of their special day.
    3. Professionalism and Reliability: Emphasize your professionalism and reliability. Couples want to feel confident that their wedding photographer will be organized, punctual, and able to handle the various challenges that may arise during the event. Highlight any testimonials or reviews that speak to your professionalism and ability to work seamlessly in a wedding environment.
    4. Personalized Service: Communicate your commitment to providing a personalized experience for each couple. Share how you tailor your photography style to match the unique personalities and preferences of the bride and groom. This could include pre-wedding consultations to understand their vision, accommodating specific requests, and delivering a customized collection of images that truly reflect their love story.
    5. Attention to Detail: Stress your keen attention to detail in capturing both the big moments and the subtle, intimate aspects of the wedding day. Highlight how you focus on the small elements that make Ducie Street a special venue, such as its architecture, scenic surroundings, and intricate decor. Couples will appreciate a photographer who can capture the essence of the venue and the emotions of the day in a comprehensive and detailed manner.

    By showcasing these qualities, you can differentiate yourself and attract couples seeking a skilled and reliable wedding photographer for their special day at Ducie Street in Manchester.

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