Being a Lancashire wedding photographer means I get out to discover more of this beautiful historic county that I never knew existed. Photographing weddings for over eight years now means I continually come across lots of unique wedding venues and all of them have their own characteristics and feel. In fact, Lancashire was the destination for my wife and I to have our own wedding at Holmes Mill in the Bowland area. Bowland has now become a little bit more meaningful to us and we often head up there to go walking around this area. Pendle Hill, for instance, is a great walk to the top and then to visit a pub in one of the surrounding villages for grub and a pint of real ale for a reward of our hard trekking.


Below are some of my favourite wedding photos I have taken over the years within the Lancashire area, documenting my bride and groom’s most memorable days. Please feel free to have a scroll and see if you notice anywhere and if you are looking for a photographer to capture your Lancashire wedding, then please feel free to get in touch or look at my extensive portfolio for more weddings images including some featured wedding venues.


Lancashire hosts 203 different wedding venues, so picking the right place for you is going to be such an adventure. The range of venues are a plenty around this scenic county, from Barns and Halls to the more modern industrial mill types, Lancashire has it all. Most of Lancashire sits on a flat plain and you can see for miles if you can get in the right place. I often note that you can get a superb golden sunset right across this county on the right day and have seen it countless times from being at Beeston Manor which looks right over Preston, the administrative centre. What I like best about most of the wedding venues in this county is that you don’t have to travel far to get to them. For a lot of them, you almost feel like you are in the middle of the country well away from any other town, when in reality you aren’t.
Lancashire was formed from an integral part of the UK’s history, the industrial revolution. From the revolution large mills, barns and halls were all built to provide the work and development of this era. Now looking forward in time, most of these buildings lay dormant and unused. The wedding industry has given these historic buildings a new purpose for bride and grooms to enjoy by celebrating their marriage in them.
The Forest of Bowland is a particularly nice area which holds a lot of interesting wedding venues. The landscape up this side of Lancashire is pretty amazing, perfect for any couple to get brilliant wedding wedding photos. Some of my favourite venues in this area are Holmes Mill and Eaves Hall, both show a complete contrast in venue style.


When me and my wife (Karly) go on mini trips out I always like to bring along my camera to photograph whatever we are doing. I’m really into evening walks as the atmosphere is much more special towards the end of the day. One of my favourite walks out is the Fairy Steps in Beetham, which just sits on the border of Lancashire. It’s actually quite an eerie walk through the woods, until you reach a ridge commonly known as the fairy steps, whereas legend is told that if you manage to get down without using your hands a fairy will appear.

a view over the town of beetham in Lancashire at dusk


If you are looking for a Lancashire wedding photographer to capture your amazing wedding day then I would love to hear from you. If you are getting married further a field, but you still like my style then I still would love to know your wedding plans, so hit my contact page and enter your details.


Below are three full weddings to show you my photography style and exactly how I work.

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