An Exclusive Use Industrial Wedding Venue in Derbyshire

You cannot help but be overwhelmed with the elegance of this industrial wedding venue set on the banks of the River Derwent in Derbyshire. The West Mill is one of my favourite venues for wedding photography, the art you capture here knows no limits. Steph & Phil celebrated their wedding day in style at this old grade 1 cotton mill across all three floors with all their family and friends. Oh and no corkage, which was handy for Phil as he works for a popular brewery and was able to supply copious amounts of beer for all the guests.

Three Floors of Awesome Wedding Partying

The floors of The West Mill are divided up to segment the different parts of the wedding day which gives a refreshing change on entering a different. The ceremony room is right on the top floor, the wedding breakfast room on the 2nd floor, and the evening reception room on the 1st floor. This gives each part of your day an ever-changing background for you and your guests to enjoy a refreshing experience instead of using just one room like several other wedding venues. Let’s not forget the courtyard and ground floor for your drinks reception, another reason to have your wedding at this unique wedding mill.

bride and groom smiling and leaving the ceremony room on the top floor at the west mill

The Perfect Venue for Documentary Wedding Photography

Steph & Phil hired me to photograph their day in my documentary style, relaxed and unposed, capturing all of the real moments that were happening throughout the wedding day between them and their family and friends. This venue lends itself to my particular approach to using natural light for the majority of the day, making sure I capture guests unaware they are being photographed. Everyone was fantastic at this wedding, I got to chat with a lot of people, which helped with taking pictures of people close up. By allowing people to become familiar with my presence they can relax and accept me into their personal space which makes for a stronger & unique point of view. I managed to capture a tonne of great candid moments that Steph & Phil can take away and enjoy for a lifetime.

a natural shot of the bridal party walking next to the river dee at the west mill wedding venue

Partying Into The Evening

This has to be, without doubt, one of the best wedding party receptions I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Steph & Phil have some crazy dance floor guests that helped stoke up the heat and made for an awesome party at the mill. Some careful ‘pit-stop’ shots helped fuel the dance floor madness which resulted in a pile-on of people.

In the latter stages of the day, I was introduced to a new drinking game at this wedding which kept a lot of people on edge. Dubbed by guests at the wedding ‘The Bent Spoon Game’, got people drunk a lot quicker than they usually would. The aim of the game is to a bent spoon into someone’s drink, which in turn meant that they had to down their drink. They became the keeper of that spoon and then had to relay the task of dropping it into another person’s drink to keep the cycle going. There was plenty of drinking!

guest going mad and jumping on each other on the dance floor


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