Tipis at Riley Green Wedding Photography is probably the best wedding I’ve ever shot! I’m not exaggerating, the energy from start to finish was absolutely insane at this luxury tipi wedding venue in Lancashire. These are the coolest tipis I’ve seen, with built-in surroundings and fixtures that make the whole space look ace and guests feel right at home. These tipis are big enough to bring all of your guests with you to help you celebrate in style.

Will & Becky booked me to document their day on the back of photographing Will’s brother’s wedding, some years back. This meant I was already familiar with the family, which helps put people at ease as they get used to the camera on a wedding day. Will & Becky went all out to make sure their day was fulfilled to the maximum so not only did the aesthetics look great, but also ensured their guests had the best time ever. Which they well and truly did, it was amazing.


It was an early morning start joining the bride squad as they get their make-up and hair done at Becky’s parent’s house. This is where I started before heading over to Smithills Hall where the ceremony was to take place. The parent’s house was very busy with people milling about, in and out. I like it like this, I blend in amongst the hustle and bustle and document the moments unhindered without any awkward moments of bridesmaids looking startled that a camera is being pointed at them.

The general style for this wedding was boho, which lends itself perfectly to the tipi wedding venue, which set the whole vibe for the day. The flowers had colours of white tones and desaturated oranges to match the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses. The inside of the venue looked top-notch, with wigwam-stick table centres, rustic aesthetics and a top table backdrop that showcased the newlywed’s surname, finished with a stylized flower arrangement packed with pampas grass and eye-catching paper fans.

Becky also adorned a romantic long, lace wedding dress which complimented the boho wedding theme perfectly.


Quite easily the best dancefloor scenes ever! It was packed with people doing crazy shit. I was in my element jumping in and around the guests as they got drunk and raved the night away. The party pretty much started as soon as the singing waiters broke out into song and people began to stand on chairs and wave their serviettes in the air. This quickly turned into a conga which lead to the dance floor, that then proceeded into shots, jumping over one another, pile-ons and bouquet throwing.

Then madness hit. More pile-ons, lifting people in the air, broken glasses and people doing the limbo and jumping over non-existing objects. An absolute free for all, and I loved every minute of it. It was ace!


Thanks for taking a look at this blog for my wedding photography at the Tipis at Riley Green. Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think!. I hope you enjoy looking through the images below and if you are feeling inspired by how cool this wedding was and if you are in need of a photographer, then please get in touch.

Also don’t forget to check out the other wedding suppliers Will & Becky hired, to make their day super ace:

Venue: Tipis at Riley Green
Flowers: Oh So Boho
Decor: Oh So Boho
Car: Tuk Tuk
Singer: Lee Gordon
Dress: Made With Love Bridal
Cake: Steph Hart


If you are looking for your Tipis at Riley Green Wedding Photographer, then look no further. Get in touch if you would like me to photograph your wedding at this awesome Tipi Wedding Venue.

5 Reasons to book me for your wedding:

  1. Capturing the Unique Setting: Your photography showcases the unique charm and beauty of the Tipis at Riley Green venue. Through your lens, you highlight the natural surroundings, rustic ambiance, and intricate details of the tipis, creating timeless and memorable wedding photographs.
  2. Expertise in Outdoor Weddings: You have extensive experience in photographing outdoor weddings, particularly at Tipis at Riley Green. Your understanding of the venue’s layout, lighting conditions, and seasonal changes allows you to capture the perfect moments in any weather or time of the year.
  3. Emphasis on Candid Moments: Your photography style focuses on capturing candid, spontaneous moments throughout the wedding day. By blending into the background and allowing the natural flow of events, you ensure that the genuine emotions and interactions between the couple and their guests are beautifully preserved.
  4. Attention to Detail: You have a keen eye for detail and ensure that no special moment goes unnoticed. From intricate wedding decorations and floral arrangements to personalized touches, you capture every element that makes the couple’s day truly unique, resulting in a comprehensive and stunning visual story.
  5. Personalized Approach: You take the time to understand the couple’s preferences, personalities, and vision for their wedding day. By building a strong rapport and actively involving them in the creative process, you create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing the couple to feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera.

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