Finally my eagerly awaited visit to Wyresdale Park for some Wedding Photography. I have been very excited to photograph a wedding at this rustic and rural barn-style wedding venue. This venue is full of character and feels of the countryside. Sitting on the foot of  Nicky Nook Fell in the heart of the Bowland Forest, the views and scenery are simply breathtaking. A massive congrats to Amanda + Pete for smashing it on their wedding day. I got loads of cool pics of these two love birds at this perfect wedding venue. Like a kid in a sweet shop, I was very giddy to look around and as soon as I arrived I was already scouting locations out around this place to take Amanda + Pete around later in the day.


Wyresdale Park is currently a do-it-yourself wedding venue which means you get to have the weddings the way you want it. You really have your very own input on the way it is styled for this blank canvas. These guys hired Gemma from Bluebells and Daisies to fulfil the key points of the venue with amazing flower arrangements and don’t forget the beautiful bridal bouquet. Wyresdale is a white space ready for your input and creativity.


This venue has a certain vibe for a relaxed and chilled-out wedding day. The Victorian estate is a perfect backdrop for photos and it’s a perfect place to invite your friends and family along to help you celebrate. The rural landscape in which Wyresdale sits in is extremely peaceful and full of tranquillity. Why wouldn’t you get married here?


I had a splendid day photographing this pair and all of their guests, lots of fun moments were captured right from the morning preparations until the partying in the evening. My day started in the morning for a bit of bridal prep at the house which is on-site and located just a stone’s throw from the venue’s main room. A laid-back morning with a very relaxed Amanda without a nerve in sight getting her make-up done by the talented Kathryn Farrington. The house is very large and very well-lit so I was able to jump around to capture many different angles of what was happening during this point of the day. Plus it has great spots for hanging the dress up.

For 95% of the day I naturally capture what is happening for a more documentary approach without having too much input, this enables me to get the best moments whilst people are engaged in their personal experiences. I do like to throw in some informal shots such as the bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as a few brides and groom ones.

I got some very special and natural moments of Amanda + Pete during the ceremony, these two just enjoying their time together and saying ‘I do’. After the ceremony, I took these two newlyweds out near the barn area for relaxed and informal style wedding photos with each other. They both looked great against the old rustic barn doors of Wyresdale Park.

The evening soon comes around and people start to get all dancy! Thanks to The Hope Street Busking Band and the Pizza guys for keeping all the guests energised and letting me capture ace dancing shots. I have some brill drunken happenings. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Thanks for taking a look at this blog for my wedding photography at Wyresdale Park Wedding Venue. Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think! I hope you enjoy looking through the images below and if you are feeling inspired by how cool this wedding was and if you need a photographer, then please get in touch.


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