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For the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, the street of which I live on decided to celebrate the end of the Second World War. Blessed with clear skies and a hot sun, families of our little close in Wigan dusted off their deck chairs and placed them on their gardens and driveways. It was nice to still see a community shine and come together to celebrate the end of tyranny whilst currently suffering from a current hardship. Various households from the street provided entertainment for the other residents, bingo and a quiz, followed by a singular tractor parade were present in keeping the spirits high.

I’ve never attended a street party before, but it was great to see people come to together (whilst being socially distant, oh the irony!) in such a way. Meeting neighbours further down the street felt like times of old where everyone knew each other and said hello to one another. It’s definitely one of the positive things to come from the current situation, people being people. Naturally, my interest in people had to be documented. So here’s a bunch of documentary imagery that I took on VE DAY this year, I hope this gives you a break from the doom and gloom in the news and shows you light and positivity.


  • Carol Prescott says:

    Matt these photos capture VE Day perfectly! I feel like I was there myself. I’m sure your neighbours are going to be so grateful for your documentation of this special day during lockdown. You never fail to amaze me with your photographic skill! Another fabulous job well done.

  • Karly Burgess says:

    What a brilliant day we had! Loved it! Great photos thanks Matt!

  • Elaine Moore says:

    Lovely photos Matt Had a great day under the circumstances and you captured them well Something good to remember at this sad time. Thank you for your hard work Elaine and Andy Moore no 11 xxx

  • Pat Francis says:

    A brilliant day. Unexpected, I think that’s what made it so good. Your photos will keep on bringing a smile to our faces. Thanks Matt.
    Until the next one, hopefully not to long.. See you there.

  • Margaret Worthington says:

    Brilliant photos Matt fantastic day with bingo raffle and a quiz thanks to those who organised these activities
    Margaret and Eddy
    PS love the photos of the tractor

  • Ronnie and Dave says:

    Brilliant photos Matt of a fantastic day. Thanks to you and to all who organised the quiz, raffle and bingo. Really enjoyed the communal spirit in the street. Took me back years when we used to sit out front on nice days and watch the kids playing. No 42

  • Jackie Cosgrove says:

    Love the photos Matt you have captured our VE Day celebration so well. A good time had by everyone indeed!

  • Anonymous says:

    Alan and Barbara
    Thanks for the great photos of a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon even the weather was kind to us, lovely to look back on. Well done to Elaine and Bev for their time and effort organizing everything, looking forward to the next one. No 13.

    • Chris & Linda says:

      A street party is just what we needed at this difficult time. The weather was superb but the icing on the cake are the brilliant photos showing everyone enjoying themselves. Fantastic job Matt.

      Chris & Linda

  • Chris & Linda says:

    A street party is just what everyone needed. The weather was superb but the icing on the cake are the brilliant photos showing everyone enjoying themselves.
    Great job Matt.

    Chris & Linda

  • Arun n Deepa says:

    Thank you.Brilliant photos Matt.It was a lovely day.It was a change.
    Thank you for the those who organised Bingo quiz n raffle.Gr8 effort .

  • David, Moira & Dianne says:

    You captured what a brilliant day this was so well in your photos Matt. Thank you for sharing them with us all. Thank you also to those who organised the day… truly a day to remember amongst the troubled times.

    Best wishes everyone
    David, Moira & Dianne (No 26)

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