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Myself and my partner (Karly) have been together forever, in fact for 16 years! ‘Overdue’ is an understatement!
We both had a grand 2016 and we were toying with the idea of maybe just getting away for a few days early 2017. Obviously, I had in mind the engagement, and needed to get Karly somewhere where she loved…Edinburgh.

Karly took me to Edinburgh for my 30th, and it has become a favourite City of ours ever since. We love the easy feel of the place, it has the pace of a town and not the hustle and bustle of a City. Our home for the duration of our visit was a 1600’s Dovecot cottage just outside the city. If there was any place to stay for a special purpose then this was definitely it, major brownie points for any lad wanting to take the Mrs away!

The Dovecot had been nicely transformed from a derelict pigeon tower, into a modern retreat kitted out with natural furnishings and a wood burner, which was very cosy.

I actually only got down on knee on the second night of us being there, so Karly didn’t suspect a thing.  I had planned the big moment in the hall part to the cottage, and in my head it was all planned out to do the deed right before we headed out for some fine dining. I have to give a special mention to Huseiyn, our very impatient Uber driver, as it’s a memory we will never forget. Initially, Huseiyn was meant to arrive at an estimated time of ten minutes, but then one minute later he decided to be only round the corner from us. Karly’s rush to get out the door and down the garden path to get to Huseiyn meant all the lights in the building were turned off. This made proposing quite hard as it was pitch black! Not knowing the full layout of the rooms and switches for the lights in the hall, meant we were stood around in darkness touching up walls and doors until Karly used her torch on her phone…a lil’ romantic ambient light for me to propose to! Finally, I asked her if she had remembered her handbag, her earrings, her purse, the key and then…her ring! Eventually I was on one knee after finding the hall light, I actually asked the question and she said…yes! By this time Huseiyn was ringing continuously to find out where the fudge we were!

We were booked in at The Dome, was made our engagement more the sweeter. A terrific meal and plonk to seal the night for an everlasting memory and trip away.

And what trip would it be without me and my camera? You can see below some of the shots of street photography I took whilst out and about around the city whilst making the ever important beer stops at every other pub.


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