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Emma & Paul’s wedding photography at Kilhey Court was a belter of a day. What did I like best? All of it!. They had their wedding day planned to a tee, even down to a rehearsed first dance which I applaud for their effort of choreography. Their day had lots of locations and details throughout, making a more interesting wedding story for me to capture.

My day started off at Emma’s house for the Bridal prep, where Emma from Ruby Jo’s and Lucy from Lucy Dudson MUA. Emma from Ruby Jo’s is one of my future brides and it was excellent to see her at Emma’s bridal prep. I flitted between the couples house and Paul’s’ mum house to capture both sides to their mornings. Paul’s mum lived near a flash of which I utilised the Canadian geese on there for Paul’s shoe shot.

The morning went extremely quick and I soon found myself at the church awaiting the arrival of Emma. The church was very well lit with lots of natural light pouring through which helped to create a better set of images from within there. Emma & Paul got showered with confetti exiting the church, the courtyard being quite tight meant more people was able to throw and land confetti on the couple really well. Before I set off to Kilhey Court to carry on with the wedding photography, I managed to capture a few moments of the newlyweds inside the church.

The wedding continues at Kilhey Court, I was quite eager to capture Emma & Paul’s extended couples session as I wanted to use the reservoir at the back of the venue. And that I did. I used my basic and quirky styling to set up relaxed of shots of the couple with some great cloudscapes going on the background. I would say having this feature behind the venue is a very unique selling point in being able to take couples down here for some scenic shots. There was memorable moment during the speeches when Emma’s grandad sang to everyone whilst a mini first dance commenced between the couple. Emma & Paul hired a range of things for some entertainment which included a Rodeo bull and a photo booth to keep the guests entertained, the Rodeo got some right laughs!

The evening was drawing close to the end for my wedding photography at Kilhey Court, but not before the cutting of the cake made by another Emma, a friend of the bride. Emma & Paul opened up the dance floor with their practised dance, which I must say one of the best routines I have seen. I finished the day off with getting a few party shots of the crazy guests and the Harlequin’s who were the band for the evening.

I hope you all enjoy the photos and I would love to know what you think.

Venue: Kilhey Court
Flowers: Bows and Roses
The Band: Harlequin
Cars: Malvern Cars
Hair: Emma Walsh, Ruby Jo’s 
Make up: Lucy Dudson
Video: Marriage in Motion
Cake: Emma Jones

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