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Heading out towards the River Mersey from Wigan to capture some documentary photography around the streets of Liverpool. A few photographers of the wedding industry decided to meet up and stretch our index fingers for some practice.

Weddings are relatively quiet this time of year so most photographers have a little spare time on their hands. On the back of the idea of getting out there to test our skills with some double exposures, a handful of us decided to go around the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. This area of Liverpool has a very industrial heritage that has been reclaimed by bars, restaurants and graffiti artists. It is basically a playground for creative photographers to test their skills of snapshot moments from which they see around them. Cities make a great place to reinvent a perspective of a photographer with an endless resource for content that is ever changing from one street to the next.

Our group of creatives headed towards Leaf at first as a meeting point to introduce ourselves and put names to profile pictures as identified from the facebook group. I turned up fashionably late of course. A taste of Magic Rock’s, Salty kiss got me in the mood for chatting to everyone before we headed off to start some street photography in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. It doesn’t seem it to the outside world but being a wedding photographer can get quite lonely being at home on your own editing through the weddings you have shot so meeting up is definitely good for the soul for wedding photographers! It was a great day to discuss what we all do and discover new techniques from one another. Anyway, thanks for reading, now take a look at what I shot.


Liverpool is a great big playground to practice photography skills. Like with any City there is a lot going and it’s a busy place to be. Busy places make great opportunities for capturing people in a natural environment with out them being too aware or bothered you are aiming a camera at them. Getting out and practicing your camera most definitely boost your skills to be a better documentary photographer which you can take and implement into your wedding photography workflow.

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