Yess sir! Check the heck out of Lisa & Danny on their Liverpool Engagement Shoot over in Port Sunlight. I have been very much looking forward to photographing Lisa & Danny for some time and they both pulled it off, massively! I am now so eager to capture these two during their wedding day at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe.

We headed on over to their favourite coffee shop, The Blooming Skull Coffee from where I started to capture these two enjoying their cup of Joe. Danny also got me a cheeky Cortado whilst he mentioned I should go and check out the selection of cakes this place had to offer. We continued to head on and around various parts of Port Sunlight to capture some solid moments in my alternative styling. Port Sunlight is a lovely little section to the Peninsula of the Wirral, clean and tidy with quaint little cottages lining the streets make it perfect for portraits. Port Sunlight also has a museum which I knew I had to take advantage of, from where I managed to capture some funky and alternative style photographs. These two ripped it up right at the end of the session with a brick wall and shades, the word cool isn’t cool enough to describe the scenes.

So thanks for taking the time to read, now go and see what I captured. I would love to know what you think about the photographs, so go ahead and leave a comment.


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