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By November 22, 2016Uncategorized
Cheering crowd shot for the new Wigan Warriors rugby kit launch


Last week I got a call from the marketing manager, Paul MacLeod at Wigan Warriors Rugby Club. Paul asked if I would be available to photograph the new Wigan Rugby kit launch with some selected dedicated fans. The priveledged superfans had responded to an email campaign to help out the club to promote the new look for the forthcoming season.

Wigan Warriors dressing room for the new rugby kit launch
Wigan Warriors badge on the new shirt in the dressing room

The shoot began using a documentitive approach of the big unveiling of the New Wigan Rugby kit to the fans that had been selected. I shot the true reactions of the people who took part as they were being shown the new kit. The kit had been whittled down from several other choices via an online poll, so this was a lot more personal to the fans involvment on the shoot.

Paul MacLeod talking to fans at Wigan Warriors for the new rugby kit launch
Fans in dressing room at Wigan Warriors for photo shoot

The main part of the shoot needed to be of studio quality in order to highlight the new kit in all its glory. I took along my Bowens studio lighting kits to get the right style needed for showing off cheering fans wearing the kits.

I used three lights to create the cheering shots, two main fill lights and one highlight set up at the back. In order to get fans cheering at the right point, I asked Paul (very niceley) to make some dummy tries behind me. This not only helped with keeping everyone in time, but also got the ‘crowd’ to look in the right direction for consistency.

fans check out the new Wigan Warrior kit in the dressing room
Cheering Wigan Warrior fans for the new rugby kit launch
Cheering man for Wigan Warriors on the new rugby kit launch

The fans seemed very pleased to be a part of this shoot and I’m glad I got to do it. They all received a portrait photo of themselves in the stand wearing the new Wigan Rugby kit. The full story by Wigan Warriors is over on their blog, and I even got a mention too!

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