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My partner Karly and I made our wedding rings for our not so distant wedding! I always aspire to do things differently from the norm and when it came to choosing our wedding rings, shop bought jewellery didn’t really float my boat. Neither of us wanted to spend a huge amount of money on rings and wanted something as plain as possible. After looking at what was available it struck me that one of my couples (Cat & Russell) back in 2017, had made their wedding rings and the idea resonated with the both of us. After a bit of research, we took the plunge and decided to get ourselves booked in with Victoria at The Quarter Workshop.

Quarter Workshop is situated in the now Jewellery Quarter section in Birmingham. This part of town is full of old warehouse-style buildings that were constructed from the time of the industrial revolution. The Quarter Workshop resides in the upstairs of an old coffin workshop. When we arrived we had no idea how it all worked or what to expect.

Victoria welcomed us both to the workshop with a nice cup of the hot stuff on what was a freezing cold day! Victoria has the workshop looking stunning, and I was in my element with all the little bits and bobs I was able to photograph. Yes, obviously I had to bring along my camera to document our day together whilst we made our rings. We were both surprised at how relatively easy making rings are, under the close guidance of Victoria that is! It was a very interesting experience from which we both enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who would like to incorporate any personal touches to their day.

Take a look at some of the images below from our experience, Karly actually got some good shots of me (I have trained her well).

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