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Welcome to the Knowsley Hall Wedding Photography blog for Jo + Ste’s most excellent day.

It’s been a few years since I shot a wedding at Knowsley Hall Wedding venue, so I was very eager for my return after Jo + Ste chose me to be their photographer and cover all the moments throughout their day. Jo + Ste booked a while back now and they even had a pre-wedding shoot over at Formby Beach prior to their wedding day.


The glorious architecture of Knowsley Hall was glowing in pure daylight all day long for these guys. I arrived early in the morning where I was met with a harem of girls all getting their hair & makeup done by Blush and Cabello. Mike from Satin Pictures was also there when I arrived doing his creative brilliantness of filming the day. Jo liked to have her family heritage introduced in the day, one of the traditions for Chinese weddings is wedding games. I think this is ace, the various games of guessing, singing and transferring a ping pong ball via the mouths of the male wedding party went down a treat and a great experience to photograph.

Jo hired the flower experts Red Floral to produce her vision and create outstanding centrepieces for the main dining room and also the ceremony room. Red Floral also created a stunning bouquet set for Jo and her Bridesmaids fulfilled pastel colours roses. Jo + Ste was incredibly relaxed in the lead-up to the ceremony, you could see that the excitement was clearly taking over. Time really does fly when you have lots to photograph and these two were soon standing with each other in front of everyone. Jo’s niece played a song on violin halfway through the ceremony which was a nice little touch.

confetti being thrown over the bride and groom at Knowsley Hall


Time for the confetti shot! I decided to take the wedding down to the front gates of Knowsley Hall, lined with trees down a path that created the natural formation for people to align and throw their confetti. Summer weddings create superb photo opportunities as people relax and mingle outside which enables me to run around everyone to capture various angles and moments. Mike and I decided to take a walk with Jo + Ste to get some couples portraits. The grounds at Knowsley Hall venue are idyllic in providing quality backdrops with are special for wedding photography portraits. Halfway through the day, a change of outfits was due, bringing back the traditional Chinese aspect, Jo + Ste got changed into Chinese gowns from which they had tea and swapped lucky money with their parents.


The sunset in the evening was splendid! I’m a sucker for this orange light and I need to get these two for a few photos. I managed some stunning and alternative style wedding photos which fit perfectly with my Documentary style. We quickly rushed back into the venue as it was time for the first dance. So the cake cutting took place before the first dance, and a very elegant-looking cake to cut as well supplied by Lesley Ann Cake Design. The band, Off The Edge, marked the official opening of the dance floor with the first dance.

So that marks my return for my Knowsley Hall Wedding Photography, I hope you enjoyed reading through the day’s experiences and now take a look at the images. Thanks for viewing and don’t forget to share or comment.


Knowsley hall is a truly stunning place to host your wedding day. The grand scale of the magical 2,500-acre stately home is a perfect wedding venue to surprise your guests and have the most amazing day. The heritage venue of Knowsley Hall was built in 1495 and has a long history of visits from highly esteemed people with such examples of Royalty. When you first arrive at this venue you are welcomed with an impressive long gravel driveway which leads you right up the main steps of this huge building.

The site of Knowsley Hall is situated right in the middle of Knowsley but the feeling of this place makes you think you are in the centre of the countryside. The impressive landscape that surrounds the hall is well-kept and impeccable. The gardens at the rear of the venue are spacious and beautiful which makes for the perfect spot for taking photos. The Gardens aren’t the only place for wedding pictures, Inside the Hall itself has many spots for opportunities to take the bride and groom around.


If you are looking for your Knowsley Hall Wedding Photographer, then look no further. Get in touch if you would like me to photograph your wedding at this marvellous family estate Wedding Venue.

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