With not too long to go now for their wedding, Rachael + Howard wanted a Manchester Pre-wedding shoot in the Northern Quarter, to get to grips with having a camera about. I am eagerly awaiting their day as they are getting married at The Midland and it’s been a venue I have been looking forward to shooting for a while now. It can be quite daunting having a camera present if you aren’t used to it, this is why having a pre-wedding shoot can be a good thing so you know what to expect. But this is used to my advantage as them awkward holding hands and looking at each other in public give out the best laughs.

laughing enaged girl and boy infront of graffitit wall in manchesters northern quarter


The Northern Quarter in Manchester is a right cool place for having a bunch of ace alternative style pictures taken of you. The buildings and streets are full of unique characteristics which you can most definitely be utilised as backdrops or props. The graffiti sections are some of my favourite parts of the Northern Quarter to use within my work. They are true artistic pieces, and being a graphic designer myself I really appreciate the time it takes to create a well-detailed piece of art. We started off the shoot around the Stevenson Square area, and if you know this area then you’ll know there is an abundance of art on walls here. From there we went on around the rest of the area and even used a multi-storey carpark.

Stay tuned in and wait for a wedding preview of this cool couple at The Midland Hotel.


  • Nik says:

    Such a cool set of images. Love your work and the way you shoot especialy with the city!!

  • Charli Palmer says:

    Honestly loving these images! Your use of space, colour and framing is brilliant! What an awesome place for a shoot, and you’ve really used it to it’s best capabilities! They seem like a happy and chilled couple too, really well done.

  • Neil Ridley says:

    Love the creativity here 🙂 You chose some great locations and the couple really seemed to enjoy their shoot! Crackalackin!

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